Sundrum Mando

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Sundrum Mando

This mandolin is slightly different.. specially designed with my Sundrum model guitar in mind. A modern design with fast lines and angular curves. Yet there is also something traditional about this design. The shape of the neck, the scale and the nut width is one-on-one from the mandolin my father used to play. It hangs in my shop as a tribute and memory of him.


Bodymaterial: ash
Finish: acrylic varnish


Join: set neck
Material: wenge
Finish: acrylic varnish
Scale: 11.8 inch (300 mm)
Fretboard: wenge
Radius: none
Trussrod: double action
Number of frets: 22
Nut: bone
Nutwide: 34 mm (1.338 inch)


Bridge: hardtail, selfmade
Tuners: Gotoh 2x4
Strings: DáAdario 0.11-0.38


Bridge pickup: Ibanez mandoline pickup m510e


alpha potmeters 1x volume, 1x tone