Pim Custom Made Guitars

Collaboration build


The Raphus model is one of the first models I designed. I was looking for the shapes and lines of the exotic surf guitars from the 60s. I wanted to give this guitar that vibe. The zeitgeist of, let’s say the 60s, can be conveyed through the choice of colour. Befriended guitar builders jokingly called the guitar on the design drawings "an unfortunate little bird". Hence the name Raphus, the Latin name for the dodo, was given. There is no bird as unfortunate as the Dodo. No wonder, the Dodo is extinct.


The original Schylgercaster was a theme guitar for ‘The Mannen van Hee’. A music group playing on the island of Terschelling. During my vacation on the island I went looking for wood with the local carpenter. I then found elm wood there. Through the local diving club, I received a piece of copper skin cladding from a sunken wooden ship to use for the pickguard. This copper plate has been patinated by the sea for years and has been given these shades of colour. I also made this model in a more accessible version with an alder body and a more conventional headstock