Pim Raaijmakers

Collaboration build

Guitars entered my life through a primary school master. That's where my love for the instrument started. From that moment on I just wanted one thing ... Playing the guitar…. But like many guitarists, I was never satisfied with the instruments I bought ... the sound, the shape ... it didn't really suit me. From my artistry I was always busy with creative processes. Creating images or searching for the perfect lines on canvas. Always trying to capture my world in images.

Then why not try to grasp my music with my own sound, with my own guitars, designed by myself?

Since 2010 I have been building instruments that are unique in their own way. Built for guitarists that are unique themselves. Every instrument is a collaboration built. The guitarist for whom this guitar is built will be involved in all facets of its construction. Working together to build an ultimate guitar. A guitar that fits the guitarist .. a guitar and that little bit more.




CEO Raaijmakers


Pim Raaijmakers


Custom Made

With all wishes and requirements in mind, I will work with a pencil and a drawing pad. Sketches and drawings are made the old-fashioned way...