Fanned Tele

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Fanned Tele

This guitar proves that building guitars can also be sustainable. The guitar has a body and neck made of wood that has already had a previous function. The Irokko body has been part of a staircase of a high school. This has been covered thousands of times over the course of 60 years. The wenge neck was made from what used to be a school door. This piece of wood has also had 60 years to dry. With a fingerboard from Poa Ferro and a top from Monkey pod, this guitar is the ultimate, what one would call, ‘wood-porn’. During the construction I wanted to make a light fanned fretboard. The high e-string is 628.65 mm, the low e is 648 mm. A nice mix of Fender and Gibson.


Bodymaterial: Irokko
Top: Monkeypod
Finish: Nitro


Join: bolt-on
Material: wengé
Finish: nitro
Scale: 25.5 inch/24.75inch
Fretboard: Pao Ferro
Radius: 12 inch
Trussrod: double action
Number of frets: 22
Nut: bone
Nutwide: 44 mm


Bridge: 6x single string bridges
Tuners: Grovers 1x6
Strings: Dunlop (.010 - .046)


Bridge pickup: Fender single coil
Neck pickup: Fender single coil

CTS pots 1x volume, 1x tone, 3 way switch